Jumping Toaster Productions

Our comics are loosely based on current events, technology and human behavior. Mixed with a ‘Mad-Hatter’ approach to society and Damian Trottier’s eccentric behavior, the clean lines and heavy detailing will surely impress even the most distinguished reader. While you’re enjoying your visit to our site please check out our online store where you can purchase many of our products. We mainly produce static media for sale such as: Greeting cards, illustrations, post cards and of course original art! If you can’t quite find what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us for hire and we’ll see how we can fulfill your needs!


The Story

The story of Beany and Ralf’s adventure begins in the evil laboratory of Professor Chrome Dome. The Professor with the aid of his faithful companion ‘The Tin Can’ abduct small, defenceless animals to splice them with human DNA. A fiendish experiment to create fierce henchmen, to aid The Professor in taking over the world! Chrome Dome however, has under estimated the fact that even helpless creatures have a sense of ‘individually’ within themselves and that one day they may rise against him! Even though his earlier attempts have proven unsuccessful, Chrome Dome continues to abduct small woodland creatures.