March 19th, 2009


Sorry for the slow down…I’ve been playing! A very nice donation was dropped off by a good friend http://stilllight.deviantart.com/ and I’ve been mad-scanning ever since! I figured I’d better stop and upload some work before the readers stop visiting.


This illustration is of my version of ‘The Grimm Reaper’. Of course my version illustrated here, is of The Reaper after Chrome Dome bashed in his head when he comes for Beany & Ralf’s souls. Chrome Dome then drags the Sack-O bones back to the lab, where he attaches a type of remote control device to kill the pair himself!




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  1. Judy

    Thank you for posting a new picture/comment.

    Your post provides me with something to read before I start working.

    The Grimm Reaper has excellent detail, very nice to see.