Websites That Make Me Smile Part 3

Just in time for another Monday morning!

Marc Hansen has been an idol of mine for many years now, even though he slipped away from the cartoon spotlight, he’s still producing some of the funniest comics I’ve ever read! Marc Hansen is the creator of a character with an uncanny ability that no one has been able to recreate over the years.

Ralph Snart is basically a young Grandpa Simpson with a huge nose and a lizard-humanoid for a sidekick. Ralph Snart enjoys chugging beer, picking up chicks and occasionally saving the world from Dr. Goot. What makes this story so unique you ask? Well Ralph is blessed with an overactive imagination that causes him to black-out and leap into a different world only accessible through his mind. This is the reason why Dr. Goot is after Ralph’s squishy brain, so he can unlock the mysteries of inner dimension travel.

Marc Hansen’s tale of Ralph Snart is hilarious and the level of detail is amazing! I’ve collected the comics for years until comic stores simply stopped carrying them, mainly because the demand just wasn’t there. But that hasn’t stopped Marc from posting his work online! For a small membership fee you can read the entire collection of Ralph Snart online plus Weird Melvin and Doctor Gorpon! That’s right meat-bags, you can select the issue you wish to read, pay the man and the issue is yours to enjoy (Acrobat Reader 6x is required). Still my favorite short story is ‘Mind Games’ where Mr. Lizard breaks Ralph Snart out of the looney bin to protect him from Dr.Goot who’s still after his squishy brain! I won’t give anything else away, but let me tell you once you read this three part mini series you’ll want to continue reading the Ralph Snart Adventures!

Keep on drawing Marc, more fans are on the way!