June 17th, 2013


More Than Meets The Eye!

Awhile back a good friend of mine gave me the Masterpiece ‘Thundercracker’ Transformer from Hasbro. I’m talking about it because the toy itself is a piece of art. I really wanted to avoid discussing things off the topic of art, but when you really look at this mold of plastic and screws it’s kinda hard not to talk about it.

The level of detail is what sets this particular toy apart from the other Transformer toy line(s). Instead of stickers which were on my Transformers back in the 80’s they actually painted the detailing right onto the robot. There are also a few ‘Easter Eggs’ to look out for, one being Soundwave painted on the tail and the other the original creator’s name. Besides the Transformer itself the packaging that is comes in show cases it quite nicely. There’s some cool graphics on the sides and back illustrating the figure in all its Decepticon glory.

If you were lucky enough to have found one, it’s a tough decision to take it out of the box and play with it!