My New Girlfriend!


I just received my ‘Bloody Betty’ 12 inch Zombie Action Figure by Peril Unlimited in the mail yesterday, that I ordered through and I got to tell you I was super excited and absolutely amazed at the amount of detail the staff spent working on this action figure! Move over “The Dead” by Sideshow Collectible cause these guys know their zombies!!! I have never seen such incredible detailing in my entire life and the little body bag that it came in was absolutely genius! Not only that, but each ‘Bloody Betty’ is unique so no two zombies will ever be sculpted the same, which in my opinion makes this zombie line superior over “The Dead”. My girlfriend was so mortified she couldn’t stand to look at it, which is how I know that it’s the sickest thing I have ever spent my money on! That’s a complement by the way! She literally started doing the “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost” when I pulled it out of the body bag. I just smiled and laughed…maybe there’s something to say about people who love zombies…for me I love ’em! Gragh Brains!