The Swing

He was crowned at age eleven

For his father went to heaven.

He was left alone and sad

But he the boy, certainly was not mad.

He used to swing on the Royal Playground

Back and forth not making a sound.

Then one day as he swung by himself

He said “What’s the point of having so much wealth!?”

“I’ll jump off the swing and end this cruel life.

Being alone with no kids, nor wife.”

And as he begun to pick up the pace

His heart beated faster, as if in a marathon race.

And at the very last push he leaped from his seat

And who would have guess a fairy he would meet.

The fairy shocked and surprised,

Saved the poor boy from an early demise.

She said to the boy “Why end your life, there’s too much to do!”

“Life is too short, to end up like glue.”

The boy then told the tale of his sad state of life

The fairy smiled and said “Boy, I’ll gladly be your wife”

“Together we’ll fly through the clouds in the sky!”

“We’ll be together forever, this I cannot lie.”

So if you are sad, and cannot go on

Jump off of a swing and see if you touch the lawn.