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Break Out The Polish!

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008


Wow, can you believe the Toaster turns 30 today? Break out the polish cause he’s looking kinda tarnished! Just want to thank everyone for such wonderful gifts and goodies! For all those who didn’t get a chance to hang out with me on the ‘big day’ you were dearly missed!

Hulk Smash!

Thursday, December 11th, 2008


As some of you may have already read in my blog, it was my birthday on Dec 02/08! A very good friend of mine came over with a present for me not too long ago and I was delighted to open it and find The Incredible Hulk Action Figure! The Hulk was to cool to keep inside the packaging, so I took him out! For those of you who don’t know me, I don’t open any of the toys that I buy or receive, unless I intend to play with it or pose it on the shelf. This Hulk figure has got to be the best looking Hulk on the market thus far. It’s sculpted by the good folks at Hasbro, which was a bit of a surprise cause he looks bang on! I really enjoyed posing him on my model train that I have set up around the Christmas tree, what better way to celebrate Christmas than with the Hulk whipping around a Christmas tree? You’ll notice that there’s cardboard under the train tracks…this is to prevent the sparks from igniting the carpet and Christmas tree. Can you imaging the train catching on fire and whipping around the tree, which would go up in smoke pretty quick cause it’s fake…plus the smell of burning plastic and paper!?! Not a very fun Christmas if you ask me. Thanks to my good buddy Mark for the gift! If you want to pick one up for yourself, here’s the link to Hasbro: