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Bone Vol. 9 Crown of Horns

Thursday, February 12th, 2009


Hello Readers,

If you haven’t heard by now, Jeff Smith’s amazing tale of the Bone cousins has finally come to a colourful end! The final color volume collection of ‘Bone Vol. 9 Crown of Horns’ published by Scholastic is in stores NOW! What an amazing read people, I can’t tell you how enthralled I was to finally finish the story. I won’t ruin it for anyone out there who hasn’t finished reading yet, but I was a little sad to see the final outcome of the Bone cousins journey. A fantastic read all the way through with a few ‘adult’ moments that will leave you in hysterics. Meant for the younger one’s, this story is an instant classic for all ages. I encourage anyone interested in reading comics to begin with Bone! The simple line drawings on beautiful backgrounds makes Jeff Smith’s story materialize before you. He’ll captivate your imagination and soon you’ll find yourself at Barrelhaven with all the gang!

Please visit Jeff Smith’s site for more goodies:

For those of you with an iPhone, you’ll enjoy reading Bone on the go! A fantastic idea that will certainly change the comic book industry, go here for more information: