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The World Is Not Your Ashtray

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Seeing as how it’s still Earth Day (April 22) I just want to quickly address the issue of littering. I love going down to the beach to hang out with friends, play some hacky sack and of course go for a nice dip in the ocean. But what I dislike about the beach experience is watching the numerous individuals having a cigarette and then putting it out in the sand. Covering it up with sand will NOT make it magically disappear or dispose of it properly.

The second terrible habit I witness on the beach are the drinkers. I love a nice cold frosty one on the beach too people, but please pick up the cans/bottles AND bottle caps they are just awful to step on if you’re bare foot. The children shouldn’t have to use the bottle caps to put on their sand castles and the cigarette butts for flag poles cause they’re lying around either. 

Love, respect, and cherish this world we have and the individuals and species we share our planet with.

Happy Earth Day