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The Zombie Survival Guide

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

zombie-guideA fun read for the zombie enthusiast or anyone interested in horror movies in general. Formatted like a ‘guide book’ this fun page turner is full of zombie facts and lessons to prepare yourself for the zombie apocalypse. A great read for commuting on the bus or when you simply need a break from classroom text books and remedial readings. One of my favourite sections was about arming yourself using common house-hold objects against the ‘undead’. Easy choice for me…baseball bat! It’s got a good reach just aim for the temple and batter-up! Remember, you gotta take that zombie down hard, hit ’em in the head and when he’s down, WHACK!

Max Brooks is the genius behind the creative writing and if you enjoyed this book, check out his follow-up World War Z. It’s written more like an account of zombie encounters over the years, as apposed to this one which is clearly written like a manual or guidebook. If I recall correctly the Zombie Survival Guide does have a few ‘snip-its’ of zombie encounters written by witnesses throughout the book, so you do get a bit of a taste for what to expect in World War Z.

About the funniest thing that occurred while reading the Zombie Survival Guide was, the girlfriend asked me: “Would you save your loved one(s) in the event of the zombie apocalypse?” Unfortunately I was quoted saying: “I would dump you like a sack of dead weight in the nearest ditch and run for the hardware store to loot for supplies and weapons!” I probably should have reconsidered my final answer, but if the world was crumbling and the zombies were attacking, it’s everyone for themselves!

Protect yourself people!