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Websites That Make Me Smile Part 4

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Just in time for the start of another work week, a least this is a short week for most of us. Anyways the first website is a little sick, so buckle up for a fun ride and try not to get busted at the office.

First up one of my personal favourites, Happy Tree Friends! This sick little website was first introduced to me during one of the Spike & Mike’s Sick and Twisted Animation Festivals here in Vancouver, BC. This design and concept is what I hope to achieve with Jumping Toaster Productions in the next short years. Obviously my style sets me aside from this one, however the general layout, marketing and design is what I’m shooting for. One of my favourite clips is the episode titled ‘Sweet Ride’ probably cause it makes me shudder every time when the bunny grinds his teeth across the ground skateboarding.

If you start to really enjoy the cartoons created in Flash and want to own a little piece of their work, be sure to check out their store. They have some really fun, brightly-colored, ultra violent stuff for sale. From neat characterized Mimobot 1GB storage drives, to key chains, to apparel and of course DVD’s. I also like the ‘Goodies’ section where you can get wallpapers, little user controlled games and fan art work. 

Next stop on my surfin’ is something a little more twisted & weird than sick woodland creatures beating each other senseless, it’s Ralph For those of you who have no idea who this man is, he’s Hunter S. Thompson’s long time best friend and artist/writer/cartoonist. 

Ralph Steadman first met Hunter at the Kentucky Derby to cover a story for the newspaper Scanlan. Hunter didn’t want to bring a photographer to cover the story with him because that would have been too ‘normal’. Nope, he wanted an artist to paint what the underlying truth behind the Derby, not the mighty steeds thundering toward the finish line. Anyways the Derby was a bit of success and from that point on Hunter and Steadman were best of friends getting into all sorts of trouble. Why don’t you read about it in Steadman’s new book ‘The Joke’s Over’ available through  Or you can purchase some incredible art like this illustration of Hunter through Ralph Steadman’s website. Their store is handled a little differently than most, as there’s no instant checkout. But you are dealing with a different kind of ‘Master of Arts’ here so expect a different kind of atmosphere. Regardless, the art is handled with professional care and shipped out just like any other ‘big-box company’.  So place that order already, and get yer hands on some incredible art! 

Enjoy kiddies