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Dark Tower ‘Gunslinger Series’ by Marvel

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

darktower_treacherySo I’ve got my copy of the Dark Tower ‘Treachery’ Vol. 3 by Marvel do you? If you’re not reading the series I can understand. A lot of us out there try to preserve the original content and rather not know what the back story is or the epilogue in some cases. But in this instance, the work done by Jae Lee & Richard Isanove is incredible, their unique style fits perfectly with Stephen King’s universe of the Gunslinger. If you have no idea who Jae Lee, he worked on numerous titles under the Marvel licence such as: Namor, X-men and Inhumans. Richard Isanove has work on a few himself like: Wolverine ‘Origins’, Fantastic Four and Captain America.

If you enjoyed the ‘Gunslinger’ from the Dark Tower books like I did, check out the comic series illustrated by a handful of very talented artists. I especially liked the hard cover collection because of different ‘comic book covers’ by various artists inside. Great artists like J. Scott Campbell & Edgar Delgado or Joe Quesada & Richard Isanove and many others.

 I know Chapters (Canada) and of course your local comic book shops still carry all three titles, but if you’re interested you should probably rush out and pick up a copy before they’re gone. I recall the sticker price was around $20-$30 but once you see the artwork and the print quality, it’ll be worth it.