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Websites That Make Me Smile Part 1

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Hello readers,

Today I thought I’d start a new topic about the websites I view on a daily basis. These sites have helped me keep my sanity throughout the morning dealing with incompetent people. They make me laugh, they inspire me and they pretty much make me a happier person. Without these websites, I think I’d have a pretty difficult time finding a similar site to get my daily ‘brain food’.

Let’s first visit So Misguided

I frequently visit this website not only because it’s my sister’s, but because it’s very informative! She blogs about Canadian literature, ‘soon to be released’ books, blogging in general, workshops she’s attended (with great summaries and tidbits of very useful information) and of course she has a personal section were she uploads her photos and stories. The ‘Duck’ always seems to get her feet wet before I do…which is why I visit her site daily. Keep up the great work Monique!

Next on my morning Internet commute is Drawn, The Illustration and Cartooning Blog

Simply put, it’s a spotlight on some very amazing and talented artists from around the globe! A fantastic blog featuring; Flash videos, tutorials, animations and of course some pretty amazing illustrations. Where else are you going to find such a diverse collection of artists on one single blog or website? Kudos to the people who ‘hunt down’ and do the brilliant write-ups for the artists.

Finally for today’s write-up Married to the Sea

It’s a humorous website, that takes ‘old’ illustrations and creates funny jokes out of them. Pretty darn original and quite an easy concept to make daily posts. Heck, simplicity sells people! There are tons of comics to scroll through and they each have there own HTML code that you can upload the comic to your own MySpace or website.

Well those are just a few sites I visit daily, I’ll continue to post to this topic and I hope that most of my readers frequently visit Jumping Toaster Productions to get their daily dose of humour!