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Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

I’ve been getting to know a good friend of mine again…my playstation! One of my favourite genres of video games are the ‘shooters’! Recently I’ve been addicted to R-Type, due to the fact that this game tests your patience on an extreme level. My wife has over heard me use numerous cuss words or sentence enhancers as I call them, within minutes of turning the game on. R-type is one of those special games where it seems near impossible to complete any level without dying at least once! The game throws multiple enemy ships at you at full force even on their ‘pussy’ setting. It is bloody aggravating to see the ‘Game Over’ screen again and again. Yet every morning there I am with my cup of coffee, mashing away at the controller in some kind of desperate attempt to thwart the baddies and save the universe! If you still have your original PSX kicking around in the closet and are fed up with current games and are in need of a real challenge, pick up R-Type off eBay and plug in!