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Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

I attended the annual Circle Craft Christmas Market held at the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre with my wonderful mum and girlfriend on Remembrance Day. We had a fabulous time gawking over all the interesting kink-knacks and trinkets the artisans had at their booths! I try to attend the fair almost every year, cause it helps me gather new ideas for my own work and do a little networking while I’m at it. With all the numerous artisans at the show to talk about, it’s pretty tricky to narrow it down to a few short paragraphs in my daily blog.

An artisan I purchase something from each year I attend is from Vincent Van Designs They makes the most charming wooden ornaments you’ve ever seen. Very cute and collectable, they can also personalize them for you free of charge! This year I bought an elephant holding a strand of Christmas lights which are tangled all around him! Very cute and very detailed, especially the miniature Christmas lights with all different colors. My girlfriend bought a similar ornament except it’s of a snowman holding the strand instead, very much Christmas in a nutshell.

One of my favourite artisans is Diabolo Puppets by Steven Barkley. These fun hand made puppets are the best. I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had with my hand up a rabbits butt! This white manic-looking rabbit with big floppy ears just cried out for me to buy ’em! He was just too cool to pass up and he was the last white one too! Not only does he look cool, he squeaks too, just the thing I need to annoy my neighbours with for hours and hours and hours and hours…Funny how some people just never grow up!

Puzzle Master Inc. by Allan Stein these have got to be some of the most challenging puzzles I’ve pitched against the wall in a fit of frustration. Thanks for the headache each and every year Allan. Nah, all joking aside Puzzle Master’s puzzles are some of the most unique puzzles I’ve ever played with. Problem is taking them away from a co-worker who ‘finds’ it lying around your desk! Not very productive, nor is it good for business when you got five people shouting the “You got to face it away north while turning the piece counter-clockwise!” I still don’t know what that means???

While there was much to look at, my favourite part about the craft fair is the tasting at all the wonderful home-made treats! However with a serious fish and nut allergy I have to be very careful about the tasty hand outs, good thing my girlfriend can accept the goodies!

Speaking of goodies, that’s the name of the next artisan! Goodies make the best dill pickles and dill veggies around. Oh my god there was almost a fist fight with my girlfriend and I at the dinner table cause I stole her pickle! I say if you love ’em that much, you got to protect your pickle! I almost lost mine following the ‘pickle heist’…my PERSONAL pickle that is! Good thing you can email them for more at:

And lastly Tickleberry’s chocolate covered dried goods! Sweet chocolate covered blueberries and cranberries are my favourite! Yum yum yum I think I ploughed through both bags in a couple of days, good thing they provide their contact information on the bags so you can re-order! Email: or Phone: 1-800-667-8002. Tasty, very very taste…did I share…no I did not!

And that was the fair, be sure if you didn’t check it out this year to sign up on Circle Craft’s website to get your discount coupon to attend the 2009 show! It’ll be something you don’t want to miss out on, so subscribe now!