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More Than Meets The Eye!

Thursday, August 6th, 2009


Twenty five years after the very first episode aired on national television, the Transformers complete first season is now available in stores! This is the animated Transformers your boyfriend has talked to you about over and over again. These are the Transformers you played with in the 80’s when no mere Go-Bot would suffice. These are the Transformers you begged your parents to buy instead of those crudely moulded pharmacy toys they tried to pass off as the ‘original’. Then where’s the box mom? Where’s the box??? 

Some of you may recall there was already a Transformers DVD collection of the same hit 1980’s animation broadcast that was sold on the market. But what happened to it? Why did it get pulled from the shelves so quickly? Well a small blurb inside the DVD booklet tells it all. 

‘The Transformers DVD release prior to our 25th Anniversary Edition was missing animation shots seen in the original broadcast. We did extensive research, found the discrepancies between the original broadcast masters and the restored masters used for the last DVD release, reinserted the correct animation, and color corrected it as best we could to match the shots before and after. But because a one-inch master tape simply can’t hold up to the quality of the restored masters, you may notice occasional shots-or even scenes-in some episodes that seem slightly softer than others. Just take comfort in knowing that laser blasts have been reinserted, backgrounds have been corrected and Starscream is Starscream once again.’

My favourite episode is still “Fire in the Sky”. It’s the episode where the Decepticons begin to siphon Earth’s heat from the Arctic Circle, which causes the temperatures worldwide to drop. They soon discover Skyfire a powerful jetfighter and Starscream’s old friend from Cybertron frozen in the ice! Skyfire’s design is basically ‘taken’ from the Robotech series which is probably why I liked him so much. Robotech is a japanimation about futuristic jetfighter pilots who can transform their ships into robots and are charged with protecting the Earth Space Colony from alien invaders. I never owned Skyfire as a kid, but I had good friends who allowed me to ‘transform’ him. Remember, one wrong twist and you had a pile of broken plastic in your hands. Or worse yet for the collectors out there, missing weapons and parts!

I still have a single Transformer in the original packaging tucked away at home. Can you guess which one I have? Leave a comment with your answer! Here’s a hint, he’s an Autobot Micromaster.

Happy guessing!


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