The Cast

Welcome to the deranged world of Beany and Ralf!

Here’s an introduction to our cast that will soon be featured in our upcoming daily comic strips!

beany-cast                   bunny_beany

Beany Barfalamue

A lone jackrabbit that’s been genetically spliced with human DNA by the evil Professor Chrome Dome, whose failed experiment to create an army of mutant henchmen resulted with Beany’s fur to turn pink. This spunky, smart-mouth rabbit-humanoid character is easily annoyed and lashes out at his unsuspecting dimwitted companion Ralf at the drop of a hat.

ralf-cast  kiwi_ralf

Ralf Highmenhighmer

A Kiwi bird endemic to New Zealand was captured to become yet another failed experiment by Professor Chrome Dome. Spliced with human DNA, this brain-damaged flightless bird-man is Beany’s whipping boy. Slow, stupid and blue are the results from the failed Transmutation DNA Smasher experiment in order to create faithful henchmen for Chrome Dome’s army.


Chrome Dome

The evil professor who’s sole purpose in life is bent on world domination. In order to achieve this goal the Professor built the Transmutation DNA Smasher, which he had hoped to mutate small animals into fierce gigantic henchmen. Sporting a chrome helmet which was the result of the professors failed attempt of gaining telekinetic powers, his genius is far from average.

The Tin Can

A contraption built from scrap metal lying about the Professors lab, his sole purpose is to collect small mammals for Chrome Dome’s next experiment. Organs and a simplistic nervous system are the only remains left from a once faithful henchman to the Professor trapped inside this bulk of metal and technology consumed by evil.

Snappy the Rabbit

Yet another small woodland creature affected by the Transmutation DNA Smasher, this whacked out rabbit constantly tests Beany’s patience. Altered and mutated, Snappy is very much a nuisance and ultimately causes more trouble the moment he enters the scene.

Flippy the Wonder Duck

Once a proud circus performer, Flippy became a test subject to Chrome Dome’s experiments. Fuelled by hatred toward Professor for stealing his life away from the circus, Flippy joins our heroes in their quest to bring down the deranged Professor and his evil schemes. Flippy demonstrates his cunning and intelligence whenever the going gets tough…for the right price of course.


Once a petty thug exposed to toxic waste produced from Chrome Dome’s lab, while he was trying to loot the place. His skin has turned a pale green, completely cracked and dried up to a brittle texture. Leaving a trail of radiated flakes of skin, this noxious monster hunts down the person responsible for dumping the waste on him and turning him into this abomination.